Everyone over 50 is invited to use this BLOG and take this journey. Welcome!

Born in 1945, my present reality is very different from what my expectations were for this time of life. Perhaps this is true for you, too.

That is why I’ve created this BLOG. Here, we who are in our fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond can explore for ourselves and share with each other the truths of who and what we are now. And for each one of us who takes this journey, a mindful and celebratory regard for this, our Silver Season, is in store.

Suggestions for answering these questions:

There are no incorrect answers. This isn’t a test. We’re exploring life as we’ve lived it and as we’re living it now. 

I’ll be sharing my own answers at the close of each topic. These are not the “right” answers – they’re simply mine.

Silver is a State of Mind

Are you grey? Or are you Sensationally Silver?

This is a forum in which all of us who are Silver Citizens can explore with our contemporaries, the myths, mysteries and marvels (yes, marvels) of this, our Silver Season…

…start by rating yourself on a 1 to 10 scale, measuring your present level of satisfaction with who and what you are today.

1 = I am unhappy with everything about myself and my life at present.


10 = I’ve never been happier about myself and my life than I am now.

Let us know in the COMMENTS section where you are on the scale.

Next we will explore together a year’s worth of simple questions, and discover how we came to be where we are on that scale with the objective of moving toward 10…and beyond! With each new theme we’ll be learning more about each other and ourselves, while redefining our age and our reality.

Keep checking in with us for new questions and reflections!