Sensationally Silver

Sensationally Silver: 
A State of Mind

Conversations with Extraordinary Ordinary Persons of Age offers relevant information, valuable insights and uplifting messages to inspire a positive, purposeful and empowered second half of life. Along with health, well-being, special grooming tips and making our dreams come true we'll address honestly the cultural taboos relevant to this time in our lives; ageing, grief, dying, disability and death. Remember - we're not old and grey - we're Sensationally Silver!

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EPISODE 1: Introduction to Sensationally Silver

Join Robin Norwood, author of Women Who Love Too Much, as she explores aging with wisdom and strength. In this debut, her daughter Piper interviews her on life, challenges, and new ventures.

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EPISODE 2: Carrie Spira, Grief Counselor

Join Robin Norwood on “Sensationally Silver” as she chats with grief counselor Carrie Spira about navigating grief, cultural taboos on aging, and celebrating life at every stage. 

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EPISODE 3: Judi Weisbart - Embracing Ageless Wisdom

Join Robin Norwood on “Sensationally Silver” with Judi Weisbart, who shares her journey of thriving at 73, living with Lipedema, and her future plans to inspire social change.

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Episode 4: Healing From the Inside Out, Julia Loggins

Join Robin Norwood, author of the international bestseller “Women Who Love Too Much,” in an inspiring conversation with Julia Loggins. Discover how Julia overcame life-threatening health challenges and embraced her age with vigor and wisdom.

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Episode 5: The Power of Story with Susan Cooper

Join Robin Norwood, author of the international bestseller, “Women Who Love Too Much,” in a heartwarming conversation with Susan Cooper on this episode of “Sensationally Silver, A State of Mind.” Discover the transformative power of storytelling as Susan shares her remarkable journey from a film producer in a male-dominated industry to a life coach and mentor, guided by her sons. 

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Episode 6: Dr. Dave Cumes - Physician/Shaman

Join Robin Norwood, author of the bestseller “Women Who Love Too Much,” in this episode of Sensationally Silver as she converses with Dr. David Cumes, an 80-year-old practicing physician and surgeon who also embraces the role of a shaman. Discover how Dr. Cumes navigates the fascinating intersection of conventional medicine and shamanic healing.

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Episode 7: Santa Barbara Dog Whisperer

Join Robin Norwood, author of the international bestseller ”Women Who Love Too Much,” in this engaging episode of ”Sensationally Silver,” where she converses with extraordinary ordinary individuals who embody the mindset of being sensationally silver. In this episode, Robin welcomes Ronit Corey, the Santa Barbara Dog Whisperer.

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