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The invincible little "dent de lyon" (French for " tooth of the lion", referring to its jagged leaves) beguiles children into spreading it abroad as they blow its thistledown puffballs into the passing breeze. Dismayed gardeners, trying to uproot it, face an impossible task as it regenerates if a mere 1/8 inch of root is left in the soil, from which it comes back even stronger than before.
It has been said that the dandelion, with its saucy yellow flowerhead, would be cherished if it weren`t so commonplace...

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Happy Weed Appreciation Day!! Not THAT kind of weed! 😉. What actually is a weed? Any plant growing where you wish it wouldn’t. In parts of the midwest the sunflower is regarded as a weed - and dichondra, the ultimate luxury lawn, is known as the scourge of the Imperial Valley to those who farm there. So...a weed is in the eye of the beholder and one person’s weed is another person’s wildflower.
I love finding my favorite wildflowers on the farm - black sage, rock rose, horehound, borage, lupine, wood strawberry, California poppy and so many others that are a happy surprise every time, everywhere. Removing my not-so-favorites, ie. my weeds - purple nightshade, dandelions, burr clover, tree tobacco, Russian thistle, tansy - on and on - is an unending and hopeless endeavor.
I remember hearing a local nurseryman refer to a hillside covered in my all-time favorite wildflowers, the glorious Matilija poppy, as “those damn weeds”. Oh well.

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Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!! What a concept! Today we get to decide what, for us, is worth celebrating, honoring, remembering - in whatever way we choose. An anniversary, an achievement, a date on which life changed forever, a loss, a milestone...even the weather! Where I live, if the surf’s up it gets celebrated at the beach. Today we have permission for a day off work or a party or an indulgence in self-care, to share a great meal or a decadent dessert, or enjoy it in solitude - we get to choose how to recognize or even celebrate an occasion or aspect of our own unique life. Enjoy!! ...

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This day of perfect balance between daylight and darkness is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere and of Fall in the southern half of our globe. Fittingly, on this date we celebrate Earth Day as well as World Agriculture Day. The pressing need for sustenance in the ever-expanding human population has pushed advances in agriculture in some dangerous directions.
I know from my own experience as a grower that sustainable practices require more work and yield fewer profits - that rather than being primarily a profit-driven endeavor it is a life-style choice aligning with deeply-held values. Because sustainable farming is the only viable long-term option for us and the planet - thank you for your dedication. We give a grateful salute to those who farm small holdings and produce food in ways that support balance and harmony for all life on our delicate and wondrous planet.

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Butterflies are very particular about where they lay their eggs. For instance, for Monarch butterflies, only milkweed will do. Without it there can be no Monarchs. Plant what butterflies need - then leave the plants alone, even when they look ragged from being consumed by hungry caterpillars. Let these plants go to seed and plant new ones, too. Then enjoy your butterfly friends while they enjoy your garden - again and again. ...

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Which is better? To look smart and feel sexy? Or to look sexy and feel smart? No need to choose! We can do both at the same time with sparkling hair (thanks to fabulous Sensationally Silver haircare products) plus proud posture, a great big smile and clothes we love to wear because they make us look and feel our best. When we look good we feel good and when we feel good we look good. Smart and sexy? You bet! ...

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By a happy coincidence March 8 is both my daughter’s birthday and International Women’s Day. Because of the courageous and committed women who have gone before us and opened the way, today we are entitled to vote, hold property, manage our own money, gain an education, pursue a career of our choosing and in general realize our potential to a degree that was formerly denied us.
International Women’s Day is indeed a birthday for us all, commemorating past victories and anticipating greater parity, equality and dignity for women everywhere.

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2024 is a Leap Year in which February 29th, the extra day, is also known as Bachelor’s Day. Perhaps a day that comes only once every four years, a day in fact when it is traditional for women to propose to men, is a suitable occasion for addressing widespread fallacies regarding the lives of bachelors and those of spinsters.

We’ll begin by contrasting the words “bachelor,” a never-married man and “spinster,” a never-married woman. The first is seen as positive, the second as negative. Generally, a bachelor’s life, unfettered by the constraints and demands of a wife, is perceived as possibly somewhat immature but nevertheless glamorous, carefree and fun while a spinster’s existence, lived without a husband and family, is thought to be narrow, frustrated, unfulfilled, even futile.

Myth-shattering research by Jessie Bernard revealed that the happiest and longest-lived women remained single while the happiest and longest-lived men were married.

So much for the enviable bachelor and the pitiable spinster.

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February 11th National Inventors Day

With our present ease of travel and transport we may forget that once upon a time someone thought, “How can I make...” before the wheel was invented - followed eventually by a big favorite of mine because I live on a farm - the wheelbarrow.

Today we have cellphones and satellites but for one legendary year the pony express was a revolutionary means of communication across this country until transcontinental telegraph lines made those indomitable riders and their sturdy ponies obsolete.

Buttons and buttonholes, packets and gloves were once someone’s creation as was every object that makes life easier, safer, more comfortable and convenient.

Today honors all inventors throughout time who have wondered, “How can I...”

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Check out Isa A. as the current Then & Wow featured on our website!! We will have a new set of pics each month. Maybe next month it will be YOU!! Enjoy being SENSATIONALLY SILVER!! 💜🩵💜 ...

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If I didn`t know anything about nutrition I would happily live on a straight diet of hot chocolate made the following super-easy way.

Into your favorite mug measure:

1 rounded Tbl cocoa powder

1 rounded Tbl honey

1/3 cup non-fat dry milk

1/8 tsp flavoring (I recommend vanilla, cherry, raspberry, mint or my favorite LorAnne orange bakery emulsion)

generous dash salt 

Fill your mug half-way with boiling water, stir vigorously to mix and melt all ingredients. Fill mug up with boiling water, stir again and enjoy!

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Yesterday was DAISY DAY! Here is a late post from us: Why does merely gazing at a daisy somehow cheer and comfort us? Its simple shape, a disk surrounded by rays, is the way every young child draws the sun - and the sun in that child’s drawing represents happiness, warmth, well-being and safety. No wonder the darling Daisy deserves its very own day! ...

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Happy FUN AT WORK DAY!! Here at Sensationally Silver having fun at work is easy. Our business meetings happen over lunch at a favorite restaurant. Our policy that all decisions must be unanimous works well because there are only two of us and we generally see things the same way. We get to do what we love and delegate the rest to outside experts. There’s no competition, only cooperation. We each work from home in our own time and at our own pace. And we love to laugh at ourselves and with each other. Our professional motto: Work is Love Made Visible! 💜🩵💜 ...

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Which is better - to receive a compliment or to give one? Both feel great, but while demanding a compliment doesn’t ever really work, bestowing one guarantees a happy result for both giver and receiver. The complimented person feels seen and appreciated. While the giver gets a glowing smile in return. Compliments are quick, easy and free - and they make the world a happier, brighter, kinder place. 💜🩵💜 ...

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This is my super simple pecan pie recipe:
• Because I am gluten-free I cheat and use ready made crusts. 😉

• 1 cup sugar
• 8 oz. maple syrup
• 2 tablespoons butter (or coconut oil) melted and cooled
• 3 eggs, room temperature
• ½ teaspoon salt
• 2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla extract
• 2 ¼ cups pecans

Preheat oven to 350°F. Place a baking sheet on the rack in the center of oven.

In a medium mixing bowl, mix sugar, maple syrup, melted butter, eggs, salt, and vanilla. Add pecans and stir just until combined.
Pour filling into the prepared crust. The pecans will float to the top as the pie bakes.
Place the pie on the baking sheet and bake for 45-55 minutes until the center is set and the pie doesn’t jiggle when shook. Cover the pie with foil halfway through to keep the edges of the crust from burning.
Remove the pie from the oven and cool completely before cutting.

(maple syrup makes this pie delightfully delicious)

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I LOVE popcorn: a big bucket at the movies, a tall, skinny bag of kettle corn at the fair, a bowl (popped in my Whirlypop) in my lap watching shows, sharing it or eating it all myself; popcorn is my favorite food! I often say if I didn’t need other nutrition to stay healthy, I would just eat popcorn and chocolate. If you share my passion for popcorn, go get some, and celebrate National Popcorn Day!!! ...

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It’s National Classy Day. Celebrate and enjoy being your most classy silver self! Using Sensationally Silver will make you a class act!! 💜🩵💜 ...

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Check out Cynthia R. as our newest Then & Wow! She is on our website this month. We will be featuring a different pair of pics each month. Go to to see who will be next. It could be YOU!! ...

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