Sensationally Silver

About Sensationally Silver

Sensationally Silver is a unique haircare product line formulated specifically to reveal and enhance the mirror-like brilliance and beauty of naturally grey and white hair.

With a naturally ash or blue hue you’ll occasionally need the Toning Shampoo to bring up the bright silver look you love.

Most of the time you’ll rely on our luxurious Balancing Shampoo paired with our UV- fighting Protective Conditioner.

If your hair easily yellows, has a naturally pearly tint or is often exposed to the sun, you’ll rely on the Toning Shampoo to achieve a glorious ice-white, using the Balancing Shampoo as needed to address any blue or purple build-up, and the Protective Conditioner to keep it safe from the sun.

Look at your hair in sunlight or ask someone for feedback regarding yellowish or bluish tints. Taking notice will pay big dividends—in Silver!

About Our Founder

Robyn - Founder, Sensationally Silver

Robin Norwood was born in 1945 and is excited about changing the way we think about our own aging, as she offers her new hair care product line specially created for people with grey hair. 

In 1985 Robin Norwood gave the world the blockbuster bestseller, Women Who Love Too Much. Still in print today with new foreign language editions appearing every year, her book has changed forever the way we think about love.

“The name, Sensationally Silver, says it all,” she states proudly. “Aging is a gift, not a loss. We are sensational! We’ve lived and loved and learned and ripened into a beautiful maturity. We’ve attained grace and dignity and the special wisdom that only comes from living a long life, and besides,” she adds with a twinkle, “silver is sexy. If it weren’t, young people wouldn’t be trying to get their hair to be the color of mine!”

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